Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Week

Thanks to Carter we actually have a few posts for this blog but I am ready to get a little more serious about posting. This past week the A brothers and Colin have been on spring break. I wish I could tell you all the fun things that we did but you will have to look at another blog for those stories. I tried taking a day off to do something fun but the best I could get them to agree to was lunch and orthodontist appointment. It was a great lunch and Addison got a top score on his brushing (way to go Addo!) but not the stuff of which blogs are made. Fortunately, it was Aunt Pat to the rescue on Wednesday and Thursday by taking Colin and Parker to the the Children's Museum on Wednesday and Colin for a tour of the Pioneer Museum and Beehive House on Thursday. Friday we did use some coupons and spent some time at Fat Cats. It was fun but the Knight boys are really just homebodies at heart.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

easter fun

all of the kids got so many fun things in thire easter basket like drop pop a new drum pedle and the kids fav wiifit