Saturday, February 26, 2011

2/20 through 2/27

I know I missed a week in there but it must have been a complete blur because I can't think of anything to write for that time period so I am just going to skip it and assume it was all so fantastic that nothing stands out or that I just prefer to forget the whole thing.

Here are the highlights from last week:

--Monday night we decided to play some board games. We haven't done that since Christmas so we grabbed Scattegories to have a little fun. In the first game the letter was R and one of the categories was Excuses to Leave the School Classroom. A few of us put the appropriate "restroom" as our answer but Alex went a little more graphic with "the runs." In the second game, the letter was L and the category was Type of Stuffed Animal. Addison went with Leady Bear--"you know a teddy bear from the 1950s that was all full of lead."

--Tuesday the elementary school boys had the day off from school. I promised them a trip to Chuck E Cheese once they finished homework and jobs. Yeah, we never made it. The boys did, however, spend lots of time doing exploding science experiments. Carter said, "Who needs Chuck E Cheese?" On the one hand, I was thrilled that our homemade fun was so exciting but on the other, I was a little bummed to lose a place for a good bribe. I guess it wasn't working anyway.

--On Thursday was parent-teacher conferences at West High. I don't really need to attend these conferences anymore. It has been the same story since Alex was in kindergarten and for every Knight boy since. The teacher starts off by telling me what a great kid he is and how he positively contributes to the class. Then, we look at his grade and see that he is not turning in homework. The teacher is surprised! The boy is shocked! The parents are jaded and have heard it all before.

--Friday we attempted to get Addison's driving learners permit. It was our 5th time to the DMV. I won't bore anyone with all the details but it has been a few months of trying to get the right paperwork, get to the DMV on time and then pass the driving exam. We thought we had it all covered and went with great hope that this would be the golden visit! The last few times we went to the DMV by our house but since that one is closed on Friday, we went to a different location. Our local DMV scanned in all his paperwork so it could be sent to homeland security but apparently the other DMVs are not able to see it and they said we had to go back to our local DMV. Addison was very frustrated and hatched a 30-year plan to work for the DMV on the front lines and then move his way up to director and then take down the organization from the inside. If that doesn't work, he is going to run for office on the "I hate the DMV party." I am happy to see him have goals and a plan for achieving them.

I am sure there are things I am forgetting but since we are well into the next week, I am forgoing complete in favor of done!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Blog Design

Decided to mess around a bit with the blog design, since it still had a Holiday 2010 theme. The Knight family tends to be surrounded by beige. Our walls are mostly beige in the house, the kids like to eat beige things, and it's an easy color to agree on when making decor choices. This could be due to the fact that we are both the youngest children and can't make our own decisions, or else because Lisa and I wonder if our tastes aren't secretly unacceptable to each other, so we default to the easy choice.

I tend to do these projects things long after Lisa goes to bed. As newlyweds we lived on the main floor of an old house with only a clawfoot tub. After many, many months of baths I finally decided to fabricate a shower curtain assembly and a jury-rigged shower. I chose to do this in the middle of the night. Lisa awoke to take a bath and get Alex and herself off to daycare and work, and was presented by a fully realized shower. I think that morning she had no idea what it was or how to use it, so she didn't actually shower that morning, but she was nice and said it was because she wanted me to have the chance to use the shower first.

So I hope she's okay with this design, as well as with making myself an administrator and a contributor to what has essentially been her blog up to now. Well Babe, If you read this, what do you think? If you hold true to your usual self, you will wonder why I do these things but be nice about it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 1/31 through 2/13

I typed this up last week but never posted it so I am still behind but going forward.

Well, I missed a week but I am not going to beat myself up for it. Now I have two weeks to write about and if I have learned anything from TV it is that you can "double your pleasure and double your fun." Bonus! So here are the highlights for the week:

--Carter wrote his first official research paper. It was on the advantages and disadvantages of bioenergy. Ms. Moore is a real stickler for details and making sure everything is correct so his sources had to be properly cited and the title page was formatted in a certain way. He was a little confused on the title page so I offered my assistance. He politely declined and said he would ask Alex because it needed to be in a "college format." I reminded him that I did, in fact, attend college but apparently my masters degree was beat by Alex's one freshman semester.

--Addison joined the track team and is now spending every day after school running bleachers and practice 400 m races. He has always been a good runner and likes getting the exercise but I think this particular decision may have had something to do with getting to run after some cute girls. I hope said girls will continue to use that power for good.

--Parker and Colin had to do some dental work. In order to insure cooperation, Parker was prescribed a valium to take before the appointment. It was quite entertaining. He was singing, dancing and finding himself very amusing. After he fell one too many times, I picked him up. He just swung out his arms and said "wheeee! I can fly!" Parker coming down from Valium, however, was not much fun. I made sure to book the next appointment at a time when Nelson can take him.

--Paxton has discovered the computer. He can control the mouse and the house by demanding that it be open to him when he is in the mood--which just happens to be when anyone else decides to use it. Of course I would not even consider getting him a cheap computer for his 3rd birthday. That would be insane and the thought would not even enter my mind!

--Alex is well into his second freshman term. He had his first two exams this week. "They were okay."

--Carter also competed in the science fair. (5 months of light homework abruptly came to an end in the past two weeks) An episode of the show Arthur made an impression on him so he decided to see if baking soda could be substituted for baking powder in three recipes: chocolate cake, chocolate brownies and chocolate cookies. After scrambling until late on Monday, he managed to put together a tight little presentation and managed to take 2nd place in the chemistry division. I am not sure if that kind of procrastination should be rewarded but if it weren't then Nelson and I would not have made it through school so I will just be glad for a system that makes room for all learning styles ;).

--The annual superbowl party at the Johnson house was good to the Knights. My dad always makes the game more interesting by creating fun games. Nelson won some movie tickets, I won a gift card and Carter won the Rate the Commercial contest.

--Paxton gave up the pirate shirt this week but he exchanged it for a size 14 Pokemon shirt that went down to his ankles. Even the excitement of pressing the washer buttons would not get that one off him. I finally managed to get him into a shirt with a big 3 on the front, by telling him that he would be three if he wore it. At the end of the week I decided not to worry about what he is wearing and gave him a really bad haircut so that no one would notice his clothes. Yes, I do think I should write a parenting book.

--The best news of the week is that my dear friend Christy came from Philadelphia to visit last weekend. When I was at WGU we talked every week for two years and continued our friendship after I left. We had never met in person, however, so we were both incredibly nervous and it took a few looks at the airport before we finally recognized each other. It was a great visit! We finally got a chance to really talk and it was fun showing her around town. The best part is that even after spending a weekend with all of us, we are still friends.