Saturday, February 26, 2011

2/20 through 2/27

I know I missed a week in there but it must have been a complete blur because I can't think of anything to write for that time period so I am just going to skip it and assume it was all so fantastic that nothing stands out or that I just prefer to forget the whole thing.

Here are the highlights from last week:

--Monday night we decided to play some board games. We haven't done that since Christmas so we grabbed Scattegories to have a little fun. In the first game the letter was R and one of the categories was Excuses to Leave the School Classroom. A few of us put the appropriate "restroom" as our answer but Alex went a little more graphic with "the runs." In the second game, the letter was L and the category was Type of Stuffed Animal. Addison went with Leady Bear--"you know a teddy bear from the 1950s that was all full of lead."

--Tuesday the elementary school boys had the day off from school. I promised them a trip to Chuck E Cheese once they finished homework and jobs. Yeah, we never made it. The boys did, however, spend lots of time doing exploding science experiments. Carter said, "Who needs Chuck E Cheese?" On the one hand, I was thrilled that our homemade fun was so exciting but on the other, I was a little bummed to lose a place for a good bribe. I guess it wasn't working anyway.

--On Thursday was parent-teacher conferences at West High. I don't really need to attend these conferences anymore. It has been the same story since Alex was in kindergarten and for every Knight boy since. The teacher starts off by telling me what a great kid he is and how he positively contributes to the class. Then, we look at his grade and see that he is not turning in homework. The teacher is surprised! The boy is shocked! The parents are jaded and have heard it all before.

--Friday we attempted to get Addison's driving learners permit. It was our 5th time to the DMV. I won't bore anyone with all the details but it has been a few months of trying to get the right paperwork, get to the DMV on time and then pass the driving exam. We thought we had it all covered and went with great hope that this would be the golden visit! The last few times we went to the DMV by our house but since that one is closed on Friday, we went to a different location. Our local DMV scanned in all his paperwork so it could be sent to homeland security but apparently the other DMVs are not able to see it and they said we had to go back to our local DMV. Addison was very frustrated and hatched a 30-year plan to work for the DMV on the front lines and then move his way up to director and then take down the organization from the inside. If that doesn't work, he is going to run for office on the "I hate the DMV party." I am happy to see him have goals and a plan for achieving them.

I am sure there are things I am forgetting but since we are well into the next week, I am forgoing complete in favor of done!

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  1. It was fun to catch up. Glad to have you posting in the fun style you both have.