Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Fashion Show

Two big bags of clothes took up residence at our house recently courtesy of the Homers (we love, love, love hand me downs!) They sat unobtrusively behind our couch for a couple of days then Parker needed a new outfit so I grabbed the top shirt from the bag and Paxton was thrilled to put it on. He was intrigued by all the cool stuff he spied and starting digging in to see what other offerings were available. He found a shirt that he thought Parker would like and excitedly called him up to try it on. This was the start of a conversation I thought I would not be hearing in my practically all-male household.

Paxton: Parker, do you want to have a fashion show?
Parker: Sure, can I wear that shirt?
Paxton: Yes, I will wear this one.
Parker: If we are going to have a fashion show, we need shoes.
(Both boys put on their shoes)
Paxton: We have to have hats for our fashion show!
(The boys trek upstairs to find suitable head wear. We hear mumblings of "how about this?" and "this will work")
Parker: Paxton, come to the top of the stairs. We have to walk down the runway.

The scene is now two boys doing their best model walk down the stairs, clothed in character t-shirts, dirty shoes and towels on their heads (high fashion hats, of course!). Parker accessorized with sunglasses while Paxton opted for a kitty (pets ar
e the new purses). Colin decides to get in on the action but in typical Colin fashion just wraps a towel around his head and calls it good. He is all about the minimalist look (and effort).

The pictures below do not fully capture the moment but offer a small glimpse of the fashion fun around our house.

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  1. Oh, those boys would fit right in over here! My girls would be happy to put on a fashion show with them any day! :)